1. Introduction
  2. Prerequistes
  3. Set Environment Variables
  4. Setup SSH daemon
  5. Download hadoop and place it in the home directory.
  6. Unpack hadoop
  7. Configure Hadoop
  8. Format the namenode
  9. Setup hadoop plugin
  10. Start the cluster
  11. Setup hadoop location
  12. Upload data
  13. Create and run a test project.
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Set Environment Variables

The next step is to set up the PATH environment variable so that Eclipse IDE can access Cygwin commands

To set environment variables follow these steps:

  1. Find "My Computer" icon either on the desktop or in the start menu, right-click on it and select Properties item from the menu.
  2. When you see the Properties dialog box, click on the Environment Variables button as shown below

    Click on environment variables button

  3. When Environment Variables dialog shows up, click on the Path variable located in the System Variables box and then click the Edit button.

  4. When Edit dialog appears append the following text to the end of the Variable value field:

    Note: If you installed cygwin in the non-standard location, correct the above value accordingly.

  5. Close all three dialog boxes by pressing OK button of each dialog box.



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