1. Introduction
  2. Prerequistes
  3. Set Environment Variables
  4. Setup SSH daemon
  5. Download hadoop and place it in the home directory.
  6. Unpack hadoop
  7. Configure Hadoop
  8. Format the namenode
  9. Setup hadoop plugin
  10. Start the cluster
  11. Setup hadoop location
  12. Upload data
  13. Create and run a test project.
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Download, Copy and Unpack Hadoop

The next step is to download and copy the Hadoop distribution.


  1. Download hadoop 0.19.1 and place in some folder on your computer such as C:\Java.
  2. Open Cygwin command prompt.
  3. Execute the following command:
  4. Execute the following command to enable your home directory folder to be shown in the Windows Explorer window:
    explorer .
  5. Open another Explorer window and navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded Hadoop archive.
  6. Copy the Hadoop archive into your home directory folder.


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