1. Introduction
  2. Prerequistes
  3. Set Environment Variables
  4. Setup SSH daemon
  5. Download hadoop and place it in the home directory.
  6. Unpack hadoop
  7. Configure Hadoop
  8. Format the namenode
  9. Setup hadoop plugin
  10. Start the cluster
  11. Setup hadoop location
  12. Upload data
  13. Create and run a test project.
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Configure Hadoop

Now that Hadoop has been unpacked, we are ready to configure it.

    1. Open a new Cygwin window and execute the following commands:
    cd hadoop-0.19.1
    cd conf
    explorer .

    Bringing up explorer window

  1. The last command will cause the Explorer window for the 'conf' directory to pop up. Minimize it for now or move it to the side.
  2. Launch Eclipse.
  3. Bring up the 'conf' Explorer window opened in Step 2 and drag the file hadoop-site to the Eclipse main window.
  4. Insert the following lines between <configuration> and </configuration> tags.

    Editing site configuration file

  5. Close the Eclipse, Cygwin command and Explorer windows.


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