Preparations.. preparations and more preparations. Vova laid out everything to make sure he didn't forget anything. Helen on the other hand already had the suitcase in hand and was anxious to head out the door for the airport.  

            We got to the airport, checked in and went to the gate. After about thirty minutes sitting around, Helen decided to check the gate number and realized.. "oh my gosh.. we were waiting at the wrong gate." Silly, silly us.... Helen grabbed Vova and they went searching for the right gate. Once we got there, we found out there was a flight delay.   We got bored waiting so Vova slouched in the airport seat listening to music while Helen looked at her toenails and thought "Hmmm... I didn't do to bad of a job giving myself a pedicure... and to think I spent some forty something dollars to get my toes done before.."